Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Buddha while residing in jetavan, Shravasti, thus preached to his bhikkus

 One should get over mindless indulgence in fulfillingdesires. Any shraman or bramhan who fails to realizethe futility, adverse consequences,  or ill arising out ofit, for him it is not possible to give up, or to ask otherto give up. Whosoever has realized futility , adverse consequencesand ill arising out of mindless indulgence in fulfillingdesires, for it then can be excepted  from him that hewill give up and ask other to give up. A bhikhu who is doubtful and unbelieving, doesn'thave good, nice feeling towards others, thus hismind doesn't put intense and continuing efforts toobtain Dharam amd Vinay . Whosoever earns money by doing whatsoever ,has to go through lot of pain and sufferingwhile earning it. Once Bhagavan Buddha asked Mahachundwho came to him after evening meditation:on this earth there are multiplicity ofthoughts discussing true nature of self &this world . O mahachund, a bhikkhu who leaves desires,follows path of dharma and does meditationof first stage is considered having happinessbelonging to this very world.#majjhimnikay #buddha #ignorance #misery #positivity                                     
                                                                                             MAJJHIM NIKAY

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