Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Buddha Bhagwan was residing in Bhesakalavan. Mahamaudgalayan spoke to bhikhus

A bhikhu shall look into his own conduct and introspect-
Am I a sinner ?
Am I overtaken by sinful desires?
If he thinks he is engrossed in sinful behavior and desires,
he shall  leave those instincts.
As a handsome youth, after dressing up, looks into mirror
and when finds any trace of scum in his face , removes it.
Similarly a bhikhu shall keep looking into himself, and
if he finds any bad instinct, shall put all efforts to removes it.

When a bhikhu condemns other, speak harsh and bad words,then other bhikhus do not think him deserving of any knowledge,they distrust him and find him falling in following any discipline .what cause a bhikhus to speak ill of others, and condemn a bhikhu?when he has sinful desires, those desire make him use bad and harshwords and condemn others.when someone wants to rise in life and wants praises for oneself,butwants to insults and humilate others, that makes one speak harshand bad words and condemn others.A bhikhu who can be furious by temperament and controlled by thisraging instinct, he uses harsh words condemn others.If anyone points to a flaw in one, then one in order to settle scores,uses harsh and bad words and condemns that person.A bhikhu whose flaw is pointed out, takes it out of context, thuscreates anger, animosity and bad feelings.A bhikhu who get jealous and envious due o success of others,he speak bad and harsh words and conemns.A bhikhu who practices falsehood and indulges in fradulentbehavior, he uses harsh and bad words and condemns others.A bhikhu who is fool and arrogant uses harsh and bad words andcondemns others.A bhikhu looking for instant gain, stubborn and whimsical, usesbad and harsh words and condemns others.#majjhimnikay #buddha #mind #Dharma #bhiku #lifehacks #inspiration

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