Sunday, 12 July 2015

Buddha preaching to bhikhus at jetavan Vihar, Sharavasti


  To achive desires some indugle physically in bad deeds,
  condemn others,
  Keep thinking of harming others, They go to hell and  they
  get lesser birth

  For sake of desires people indugle in housebreaking,
When money is lost, one is overwhelmed by deepest sorrow, immersed in worry.

  Destroy habitations, kidnap women.
  Then kings punish them and they suffer
   it is their uncontrolled desires while
   leads them to sufferings

One weeps, howls, falls to earth lamenting that all my efforts have been in vain.
after putting a lot of efforts then one has to keep working to protect it either
from state or from thieves or natural calamity and from one's near and dear.

Bhagwan Buddh was residing in Nyagrodharam Vihar of city of Kapilvastu

He was visited by Mahanama Shakya. He bowled before Bhagwan and sat.He sad thereafterBhante! At times my mind is filled with greed.At times it is filled with animosity. At times it is filledwith ignorance. I get deeply worried that my followingpath of Dharam has become futile. That's how my mindgets lost in above vices.
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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Bhagwan Buddha said to his bhikhus

A bhikhu who has lost all desires, who no more has
attachment in body, who isn't any more attrached by
beauty, shape and forms, who doesn't indugle in
feasting, carnal pleasure, and enjoying sleep, who
doesn't take vow of celibacy to worship any particular
God in order to attain anything. Any bhikhus who is no
more angry, dissatisfied, filled with bad feeling, and
doesn't create trouble for other, obtain true path of
Dharam and Vinay, that is befitting conduct of a bhikhu

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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Buddha while residing in jetavan, Shravasti, thus preached to his bhikkus

 One should get over mindless indulgence in fulfillingdesires. Any shraman or bramhan who fails to realizethe futility, adverse consequences,  or ill arising out ofit, for him it is not possible to give up, or to ask otherto give up. Whosoever has realized futility , adverse consequencesand ill arising out of mindless indulgence in fulfillingdesires, for it then can be excepted  from him that hewill give up and ask other to give up. A bhikhu who is doubtful and unbelieving, doesn'thave good, nice feeling towards others, thus hismind doesn't put intense and continuing efforts toobtain Dharam amd Vinay . Whosoever earns money by doing whatsoever ,has to go through lot of pain and sufferingwhile earning it. Once Bhagavan Buddha asked Mahachundwho came to him after evening meditation:on this earth there are multiplicity ofthoughts discussing true nature of self &this world . O mahachund, a bhikkhu who leaves desires,follows path of dharma and does meditationof first stage is considered having happinessbelonging to this very world.#majjhimnikay #buddha #ignorance #misery #positivity                                     
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Buddha said to Mahanama

Your mind has not overcome the basic instincts, that's howyou get engrossed in greed, animosity and ignorance. if thesebasic instinct u could have overcome u might not haveremained a wordly person. These instincts cause pain anddisturbance. Even though a follower understands ill effect, butdoes not know any oher path to purse, he returns back tothese instincts. However once he gets a path which provideshim inner happiness and peace, then he leaves these  instinct.#mind #happiness #ignorance #Dharma #lifehacks #inspiration

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Buddha Bhagwan was residing in Bhesakalavan. Mahamaudgalayan spoke to bhikhus

A bhikhu shall look into his own conduct and introspect-
Am I a sinner ?
Am I overtaken by sinful desires?
If he thinks he is engrossed in sinful behavior and desires,
he shall  leave those instincts.
As a handsome youth, after dressing up, looks into mirror
and when finds any trace of scum in his face , removes it.
Similarly a bhikhu shall keep looking into himself, and
if he finds any bad instinct, shall put all efforts to removes it.

When a bhikhu condemns other, speak harsh and bad words,then other bhikhus do not think him deserving of any knowledge,they distrust him and find him falling in following any discipline .what cause a bhikhus to speak ill of others, and condemn a bhikhu?when he has sinful desires, those desire make him use bad and harshwords and condemn others.when someone wants to rise in life and wants praises for oneself,butwants to insults and humilate others, that makes one speak harshand bad words and condemn others.A bhikhu who can be furious by temperament and controlled by thisraging instinct, he uses harsh words condemn others.If anyone points to a flaw in one, then one in order to settle scores,uses harsh and bad words and condemns that person.A bhikhu whose flaw is pointed out, takes it out of context, thuscreates anger, animosity and bad feelings.A bhikhu who get jealous and envious due o success of others,he speak bad and harsh words and conemns.A bhikhu who practices falsehood and indulges in fradulentbehavior, he uses harsh and bad words and condemns others.A bhikhu who is fool and arrogant uses harsh and bad words andcondemns others.A bhikhu looking for instant gain, stubborn and whimsical, usesbad and harsh words and condemns others.#majjhimnikay #buddha #mind #Dharma #bhiku #lifehacks #inspiration

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